Downsizing Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Move Into A Retirement Village

You’ve looked at retirement villages and found a great place to live, but before you move, you’ll probably need to do some downsizing. Deciding what to keep and what to let go of can be pretty stressful, especially if your new retirement home can’t accommodate all of your possessions.

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Great Ways To Remain Active In Retirement

Retirement can offer many opportunities to explore and try new things you have always wanted to do and reinvigorate your way of life. Whether it’s exploring the world, taking that course you’ve always wanted to, or pursuing your hobbies full-time, retirement can be just as active as your ‘working life’ if you want it to be.

Here are nine activities worth thinking about.

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5 Great Reasons To Consider Moving To A Retirement Village

There are currently 184,000 Australians living in retirement villages, according to a recent report by the Property Council Australia. This number is projected to double by 2025. So why are retirement villages growing in popularity?

Retirement villages are revolutionising the way to live out your senior years. Retirement villages not only offer a comfortable pace of life for their residents but also provide more avenues for socialisation and fun. Forget about canes and bathroom slippers and think living in a trendy hotel —full-time.

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Essential Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Retirement Village

If you’ve been considering the move into a retirement village, there’s no shortage of options or questions!  Retirement villages cater to people aged 60 and older have shown steady growth across the country. In fact, around five percent of Australians 65 and older live in retirement villages.

But while there are plenty of options, it also presents a number of questions, such as legal, financial, and social considerations. So, before you sign on the dotted line, ask yourself these questions.

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