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    Posted April 2, 2019

    10 Reasons To Love Retirement

    We’re sure you’re probably looking forward to a happy retirement. It marks the end of a long, fulfilling career and is rewarding for all your hard work over the years. For many, retirement is a time to enjoy life and relax, but some view retirement as a monotonous lifestyle. It’s perfectly normal to have apprehensions, but it can be very exciting. Planning for your retirement is as exciting as moving to a new home! Here are ten reasons you will love about retirement.

    1. Enjoy stress-free living

    You can finally say goodbye to that hectic fast paced life once you retire. With more time on your hands, you can enjoy life at a leisurely pace doing all the things you desire. And if you happen to live in a retirement village on the Mornington Peninsula, you can even leave chores like maintenance and lawn mowing to a dedicated team.

    2. Pursue hobbies and interests

    Have a long-time fascination with art or music or maybe cooking? Some hobbies or interests may have been difficult to pursue while working but retirement gives the opportunity to discover new hobbies and pursue your interests. Some retirement villages on the Mornington Peninsula offer classes and workshops so be sure to take advantage of it.

    3. Have more time for exercise

    Retirement means having more time for exercise. After retiring, it’s important to devote a chunk of your time for physical activities. Whether it’s walking or swimming or playing croquette, you have more flexibility to fit in exercise in your schedule.

    4. Spend more time with grandchildren

    One of the best things about retirement is that you get more time to spend with your grandchildren. You can share stories, spoil them with treats, or take them to the beach. In return, they’ll keep you feeling young!

    5. Travel more

    Almost everyone’s retirement bucket list includes travelling. And why not? Retirement means you don’t have to worry about leaving behind work when you go on that vacation. From the Grand Canyon to Mount Fuji to the Pyramids, the world is your oyster.

    6. Give back to the community

    Whether it’s supporting young people with a refugee background or volunteering as a pianist for a choir, many retirees find it incredibly fulfilling to do volunteer work. If you’re interested to learn more about volunteering opportunities in Victoria, you can visit

    7. Enjoy a new pace of life

    Retirement living on the Mornington Peninsula is pretty much like an extended holiday and you can spend your time as you like (even if it’s doing absolutely nothing). There’s also more time to enjoy the little things in life, like chatting with friends in a cafe, going to the beach, tending to your garden or relaxing and reading.

    8. Be more relaxed

    Notice how retirees look happier and more relaxed in general? You may be surprised at how at ease you’ll feel after retiring! (Not that anyone’s complaining, of course.)

    When viewed as something positive, retirement represents a new lease on life, one where you can enjoy freedom, fulfilment and relaxation. While some aspects of retirement can be challenging (downsizing, leaving behind friends and family, getting used to your new retirement home), the pros outweigh the cons.

    9. Have more quality time with your spouse

    If you and your spouse are both retired, you can spend more quality time together—something that may have been difficult when you were still working. But even if you’re the only who’s retired, you can still have more time with your spouse. Plus, planning a cosy and comfortable night-in is much easier!

    10. Wake up whenever you like

    Let’s face it: one of the most exciting prospects of retirement is the day we can finally throw our alarm clocks away. Being retired means you can wake up whenever you want. Whether you’re an early bird or you prefer staying in bed till late mornings, it’s completely up to you. Of course, you do need to wake up sometime but there’s no rush to do so anymore!

    It’s important to plan your retirement in advance so that, when the time for it finally comes, you’ll be prepared. If you’re looking to begin anew on the Mornington Peninsula, visit Village Glen Retirement Living.  For enquiries, please call 1300 VILL GLEN (1300 8455 4536).