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    Posted December 21, 2018

    Choosing The Right Aged Care Home For Your Loved One

    Moving your loved ones to an aged care facility can be a difficult decision for anyone. But sometimes, caring for them can go beyond what family or friends can provide. In such cases, opting for an aged care facility is a viable choice. Residential aged care facilities offer round-the-clock care and have aged care professionals onsite to assist residents and tend to their needs.

    Choosing an aged care facility for your loved one will greatly increase their quality of life. However, selecting one can often be a perplexing process. So, what are essential characteristics you need to look out for? How do you distinguish between a suitable or unbefitting facility? Here are some helpful tips to help you know your options and make the best decision.

    1. Take into consideration your loved one wants and needs.

    Before you start exploring different options for aged care facilities, you would first need to identify what your loved one is exactly looking for at their new residence. As they will be living there permanently, you would need to make sure they’re satisfied and comfortable with the place. Note down a list of their wants and needs and use it as a guideline to narrow down choices.

    2. Get an ACAS assessment.

    Your loved one will require an assessment with a member of the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) . The assessor will talk to your loved one about their current situation and provide a report on medical conditions and the level of care your loved one will require. This is a free assessment and can be completed from the home. ACAS are based all over Australia. Your area of residence will determine which assessment team can assist.

    3. Feedback from friends, professionals, or other residents is always a bonus.

    Chat with friends, professionals, or other residents to enquire about reputable and highly recommended facilities. While experiences vary, this is a good way to determine if the facility is suitable. Aside from word of mouth, feel free to browse through reviews online before committing to an establishment.

    4. Get a feel of the place.

    Inspect a number of facilities in the area. Ensure you meet with a representative that has extensive knowledge of the offerings but also the fees and services and can answer all of your questions. Once you and your loved one have made a decision on an aged care facility, visit the residence a few times to familiarise yourself. . Here are some points to look out for:

    • Is the facility well-kept and clean?
    • Do the rooms have a cozy, homely feel to them?
    • Are the room layouts and safety protocols clear and well structured?
    • How does it fare in terms of ease of access and convenience of location?
    • Are the staff friendly and professional?
    • What lifestyle activities do they offer?
    • What facilities does it offer?
    • Do you or your loved one feel comfortable in the facility?

    5. Make a decision together.

    It is important to bring your loved one on the journey with you when making the move into aged care if possible. Also involving family and friends can be beneficial as well as encouraging them to visit and get involved in the new facility and activities to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Your loved ones deserves a comfortable and dignified retired lifestyle. Selecting the best aged care facility will enhance their quality of life while ensuring they get the best care available. Village Glen Aged Care Residences  has two modern state of the art aged care facilities in Capel Sound and Mornington. Our aged care residences are not only designed to provide the highest level of professional care but also the most comfortable lifestyle with a feel of home. More importantly, we have over 500 highly trained and friendly professionals to put your mind at peace and assure families that their loved ones are genuinely cared for, loved and well looked after. For enquiries or to schedule a visit, please feel free to contact us at 1300 VILL GLEN (1300 8455 4536).