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Short-Term Restorative Care

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Short-term restorative care is an intensive rehabilitation program delivered by a team of health professionals over an 8 week period. The objective is to assist people who are experiencing physical or mental decline and help them get back on their feet and stay independent in their own home.

If you are not feeling yourself and lacking strength and independence, have been unwell or finding daily tasks harder than they should be, short-term restorative care could be for you. This Government funded program allows you to receive care and allied health services tailored to your individual needs.

Suite of Allied Health Services

If you decide to partner with Village Glen, our team of home support partners and allied health professionals, alongside your doctor, will work with you to tailor a care plan to meet your goals. Village Glen also offers a completely flexible short-term restorative care program, so you can choose how you want the eight week journey to work. Your care can be provided in your home or during a rehabilitation stay in one of our aged care residences, or a combination of both.


The types of services we offer are:

  1. Physiotherapy*
  2. Occupational therapy*
  3. Nursing*
  4. Podiatry
  5. Speech pathologist
  6. Optometrist
  7. Hearing services
  8. Dental
  9. Personal care*
  10. Dietician services
  11. Meal preparation*
  12. Cleaning and house work*
  13. Continence management*
  14. Maintenance and gardening*
  15. Mobility aids and equipment
  16. Social interaction*
  17. Medication management*
  18. Transport*
  19. Accommodation in residential aged care*
  20. Counselling

*Delivered by the Village Glen team


You may be eligible for short-term restorative care if you are
an older person and you:

  • Are slowing down mentally, physically or both
  • Need help with everyday tasks
  • Want to stay independent and out of long-term ongoing care

Short-term restorative care is not applicable if you:

  • Are already receiving a home care package
  • Are living in an aged care home
  • Have received transitional care in the last 6 months
  • Have already received short-term restorative care twice in the past 12 months
  • Are receiving end of life care
  • Have been hospitalised in the 3 months prior to your assessment for a condition related to the functional decline which would be the focus of this service


Village Glen offer these services at no charge if you are receiving short-term restorative care within your own home. The maximum amount you may be asked to pay if you choose the option of a rehabilitation stay in one of our aged care residences is a daily care fee that accounts to 85% of the single pension. Each person’s circumstances are taken into account, and the care fees for your service can be discussed with Village Glen.