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    Posted July 23, 2019

    Maintaining Good Health In Retirement

    Retirement living on the Mornington Peninsula is a wonderful opportunity for you to relax and enjoy the fruits of your life-long labour. For a fun and amazing retirement experience, keeping yourself hale and hearty is the most important factor. The best way to achieve that is by eating well and making sure you maintain a healthy weight.

    Make healthy food choices.

    Remember life is all about balance, and that also includes ensuring you have a healthy balanced diet. Make sure your food is delicious and nutritious to help you keep up with the changes your body goes through as you age. Pick a slice or two of wholemeal bread instead of a croissant, enjoy roasted chicken instead of fried chicken, and enjoy some fresh berries instead of chips. Eating healthy food will not only provide you with the nutrients you need but also prevent you from gaining unwanted weight.

    To help you keep track of what you eat, you may consider devising a weekly meal plan. If you are currently receiving a home care package, your provider may be able to assist in shopping, meal preparation but also in creating a healthy and sustainable meal plan for you along with qualified physicians and nutritionists.

    Exercise regularly.

    Keep your body in good physical condition in retirement by exercising! Keep your blood flowing and your muscles moving. You don’t have to do anything rigorous; just walking around the block daily can help you a lot. You can also participate in sports that don’t require intense activities, such as lawn bowls, croquet or maybe a leisurely swim in a pool.

    Joining clubs can also aid in keeping you active. Participate in fun physical activities around the community or perhaps in a retirement village! It will not only give your body the exercise it needs but will also give you a chance to bond with other people sharing your interests.

    Enjoy healthy retirement at Village Glen.

    Find the ideal healthy lifestyle at Village Glen Retirement Living. Live the first-class lifestyle that you deserve at Village Glen that has a huge range of facilities to enjoy with friends along with a dining room open for dinners and a café open for lunches and coffee.

    Get in touch with us at 1300 VILL GLEN for more information.