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Village Glen Aged Care Residences Opens at Mornington

Village Glen is well known on the Mornington Peninsula for Village Glen Retirement Living in Capel Sound, a premium retirement community that “has it all” and has been thriving for 40 years.

Over the last seven years Village Glen has worked tirelessly in the Aged Care space, opening up an incredibly luxurious facility in Capel Sound in 2014 where care meets state of the art.

Village Glen’s most recent project has been Village Glen at Mornington. A brand-new campus that offers the best facilities and equipment in aged care.  But more importantly creates that feeling of home.

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Enjoy Spring at Village Glen

Spring is our favourite time of year at Village Glen, as you drive in, you’ll be struck by the cherry blossoms in bloom lining the drive. And as you continue past the lake you might be lucky enough to spot some new ducklings just hatched.

At Village Glen, you can make the most of your retirement living on the Mornington Peninsula. Your life will be one that is lively and refreshing. Village Glen is so much more than just state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. We also foster a sense of community amongst our residents and encourage them to try out new activities, make new friends and perhaps find a new hobby to fall in love with.

Since spring is the season of new beginnings, it is the perfect time for venturing into taking up new hobbies and activities, and here at Village Glen, residents can join various clubs and activities that peak their interests.

Staying physically active is also an essential step to maintain good health. Our residents have a wide range of options available for some exercise, including bowling and croquet.

Playing bowling,croquet or golf on the fresh green grass does wonders to the health. Aside from the fact that spending time outdoors boosts your immune system, this type of activity also introduces our residents into social settings where they can build new friendships.

Village Glen is unique in that not only does it cater to the typical sports resident’s love, it has extended the activity calendar to include so much more. Exercise that focuses on physical but more importantly mindset and wellbeing is incredibly popular at Village Glen including meditation, yoga, qui chong and tai chi. There is also a walking group, chair-based exercises, water aerobics and gym classes. There is something for everyone to enjoy this spring.

If you want to enjoy all of this and more, there’s no place better than at Village Glen.


Are you or a family member looking for retirement villages on the Mornington Peninsula? Contact Village Glen today to schedule a tour. We also also a provider of Government funded home care packages, short-term restorative care  and operate two aged. For enquiries, don’t hesitate to call us at 03 5986 4455.

The Best Reasons To Retire In Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is one of Australia’s most popular retirement spots—and for a good reason. Known for its white sandy beaches, wineries, and rolling hills, Mornington Peninsula is located just 40 kilometres southeast of Melbourne and is the perfect option for those looking to retire somewhere calm and peaceful, yet close to the Melbourne CBD.

Here are some of the best reasons to move into a retirement home on the Mornington Peninsula:

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Understanding Basic Aged Care Costs and Fees

Making a decision to move to an aged care facility can be a difficult one, especially when it comes to the financial aspects of it. So, here’s a simple overview of the basic costs and fees associated with moving to an aged care facility so that you can make an informed choice.

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Choosing The Right Aged Care Home For Your Loved One

Moving your loved ones to an aged care facility can be a difficult decision for anyone. But sometimes, caring for them can go beyond what family or friends can provide. In such cases, opting for an aged care facility is a viable choice. Residential aged care facilities offer round-the-clock care and have aged care professionals onsite to assist residents and tend to their needs.

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Downsizing Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Move Into A Retirement Village

You’ve looked at retirement villages and found a great place to live, but before you move, you’ll probably need to do some downsizing. Deciding what to keep and what to let go of can be pretty stressful, especially if your new retirement home can’t accommodate all of your possessions.

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Great Ways To Remain Active In Retirement

Retirement can offer many opportunities to explore and try new things you have always wanted to do and reinvigorate your way of life. Whether it’s exploring the world, taking that course you’ve always wanted to, or pursuing your hobbies full-time, retirement can be just as active as your ‘working life’ if you want it to be.

Here are nine activities worth thinking about.

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5 Great Reasons To Consider Moving To A Retirement Village

There are currently 184,000 Australians living in retirement villages, according to a recent report by the Property Council Australia. This number is projected to double by 2025. So why are retirement villages growing in popularity?

Retirement villages are revolutionising the way to live out your senior years. Retirement villages not only offer a comfortable pace of life for their residents but also provide more avenues for socialisation and fun. Forget about canes and bathroom slippers and think living in a trendy hotel —full-time.

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Essential Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Retirement Village

If you’ve been considering the move into a retirement village, there’s no shortage of options or questions!  Retirement villages cater to people aged 60 and older have shown steady growth across the country. In fact, around five percent of Australians 65 and older live in retirement villages.

But while there are plenty of options, it also presents a number of questions, such as legal, financial, and social considerations. So, before you sign on the dotted line, ask yourself these questions.

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