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    Posted April 9, 2019

    The Benefits of Visiting Grandparents in Aged Care

    Visiting grandparents often in an aged care home offers a lot of benefits not only to their physical and emotional health, but also to yours. Regular visits make your loved one’s happy as well as keeping them mentally sharp and improves the quality of their life. Grandparents are often your pillars of stability, fun and wisdom.

    Keep in mind these benefits of visiting grandparents.

    Keeps their wellbeing in check

    Visiting grandparents can provide an opportunity for you to check on their health and happiness. This is especially true if they have a chronic illness or require extra care.

    Sometimes, they conceal their problems to avoid worrying the family too much. By seeing them, you’ll be able to determine if they are indeed happy at their aged care home.

    Makes them feel connected

    Regular visits help grandparents feel emotionally connected and engaged to their families. Even just sharing the little things in life makes elderly family members less lonely and more energised.

    Promotes good mental wellbeing

    Depression is a common health problem among grandparents, especially those who are living alone or have lost their spouse. It can impact their everyday lives, from sleeping to eating to doing chores. Visits from family members strengthen mental health and lessen the chances of depression and other mental illnesses.

    Creates new experiences

    Creating new experiences for your grandparents are important in ensuring they still remain active in retirement. Even if it’s just small get-together or fun day out, creating new experiences will make for cherished memories in the future.

    Reminds them that they are loved

    It may seem obvious but sometimes it takes your physical presence to remind your grandparents that they are loved. Spending time with them is a precious reminder that you love them and that you care about their wellbeing.

    If you can’t visit

    Sometimes, no matter how much you want to, physical visits may not always be possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to remind your grandparents that you’re thinking of them. How about an email, or send them a card and some photos or even just give them a call.

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