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    Posted March 28, 2019

    Tips For Making Friends In An Aged Care Facility

    Moving to an aged care facility presents a lot of opportunities to socialise, meet new people, and share new experiences.

    If you’re worried about making friends when you move to an aged care facility, here are some tips to keep in mind!

    Participate in activities or events

    Aged care facilities typically organise group activities, workshops, and social events for its residents. Village Glen has a great range of entertainment facilities, including pool tables, a boutique cafe, a hairdressing and beauty salon, and nineteen occasional lounges. There are arts and crafts classes and concerts too. You’ll have no trouble meeting new people!

    Join outings

    Some aged care facilities offer regular outings. At Village Glen, residents can enjoy a ‘Village Glen Day Out’ on one of our many bus trips. This is an ideal occasion to socialise and form new friendships with other residents.

    Share knowledge

    If you’re good at something (say, painting or playing a sport), teaching fellow residents can be a very fulfilling way to socialise, especially if you’re still feeling shy.

    Meet new friends over meals

    Instead of eating dinner inside your room, make sure you make the trip to the dining room. Meet new friends while sipping on a cappuccino at the Café or share your interests while enjoying a glass of wine at Jake’s bar.

    Making new friends can be daunting at first but putting yourself out there can help make lifelong friends and give you a sense of belonging. Village Glen has beautiful aged care facilities on the Mornington Peninsula in both Capel Sound and Mornington.

    We have purpose built aged care facilities to provide the highest level of care and the best living environment for residents to thrive. In addition, we also have state of the art facilities and have the support of an active volunteers program, ‘Friends of Village Glen’ who assist in making our residents feel at home. For more information or enquiries, please feel free to contact us on 1300 VILL GLEN.