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    Steps To Home Care

    Checklist to accessing a home
    care package

    Here are the six steps that will enable you or a loved one to take advantage of our home support services.

    Step 1.

    Contact my aged care and organise an assessment.

    Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and discuss options for home care services and organise an assessment to determine eligibility for a home care package (HCP).

    Step 2.

    Receive the outcome of your home care package.

    If you are assessed as eligible for a home care package, you will receive a letter stating what level package you are eligible to receive and be placed in the national priority queue.

    Step 3.

    Research home care providers & work out costs.

    Start making enquiries about home care providers, their services and how much it will cost. Contact Village Glen Flexicare on 1300 435 394 and we will provide information on our services and how much it will cost you, if anything.

    Information on COVID-19

    Step 4.

    Home Care Package Assignment.

    You will receive a letter stating you have been assigned a package. You have 56 days to select a provider. You can apply for a 28 day extension if required. If you receive income above the aged pension an income tested fee assessment is required through Centrelink.

    Step 5.

    Enter into a home care package.

    Work with Village Glen Flexicare to tailor your home care services and care plan. The home care agreement will reflect the details of your HCP. The agreement starts on the date this agreement is signed.

    Step 6.

    Manage your services.

    Your services will be delivered according to your care plan. Your care plan cannot be changed without your agreement. Every 12 months or as required, your home support partner will review your care plan with you and make any necessary adjustments.