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    Posted November 21, 2018

    Great Ways To Remain Active In Retirement

    Retirement can offer many opportunities to explore and try new things you have always wanted to do and reinvigorate your way of life. Whether it’s exploring the world, taking that course you’ve always wanted to, or pursuing your hobbies full-time, retirement can be just as active as your ‘working life’ if you want it to be.

    Here are nine activities worth thinking about.


    Exercising is one of the best ways to stay healthy. In retirement, you don’t have to squeeze in exercise around work, you can do it whenever you want. Don’t know which exercise works for you? We suggest light weight training, cycling, yoga, swimming, and tai chi—all popular choices for seniors. Village Glen has a 9-hole golf course, indoor swimming pool, and a gym to enjoy and support an active, healthy lifestyle. Try a water aerobics class or take a walk along one of the many walking tracks.

    Learn a new skill

    It’s never too late to learn something new. In fact, developing new skills helps maintain good mental health, may help prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s, and improves memory. Village Glen offers various craft and hobby activities for residents to choose from, like china painting, mosaics, and patchworking and quilting. If you’re interested in learning more about technology, there are computer classes, iPad, iPhone and MAC classes. Love music? We have singing group classes and sounds of music!

    Meet other seniors

    Staying socially active is important in your senior years. If you’re struggling to meet other people, try joining a club, potluck dinners, or events. Village Glen’s social calendar is packed throughout the year, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialise. Some of our popular functions include Music by the Lake and Wine & Cheese afternoons in the Clubhouse.


    Whether you just miss working or just want to give back to the commnunity, volunteering is a great way to stay active and reap many other benefits. It can be anything from mentoring, working with a charity, or simply tutoring grandchildren. Residents at Village Glen can join the volunteer group ‘Friends of Village Glen’ that assist in our Aged Care Residences that adjoin the Retirement Village.

    Take a rail holiday

    Retirement is the perfect time to travel! If leaving the country isn’t an option, consider a rail holiday. State country rail offer discounts or free travel for seniors. For instance, pensioners in Victoria are eligible to receive a yearly free travel voucher for travel on VLine.

    Retirement is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life where you can freely pursue your interests and keep active. These tips are simple ways to begin your retirement journey!

    Staying active at the Village Glen

    At Village Glen, we offer a wide range of activities for residents, such as golf, swimming, croquet, yoga, water aerobics, among many others. Visit our retirement village on the Mornington Peninsula and see our facilities for yourself. Take a tour of our retirement village by contacting us at 1300 VILL GLEN (1300 8455 4536) or sending us a message here.