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    Posted August 8, 2018

    5 Great Reasons To Consider Moving To A Retirement Village

    There are currently 184,000 Australians living in retirement villages, according to a recent report by the Property Council Australia. This number is projected to double by 2025. So why are retirement villages growing in popularity?

    Retirement villages are revolutionising the way to live out your senior years. Retirement villages not only offer a comfortable pace of life for their residents but also provide more avenues for socialisation and fun. Forget about canes and bathroom slippers and think living in a trendy hotel —full-time.

    While leaving the community you’ve lived for years in can be tough, there are plenty of reasons why moving into a retirement village can be the right choice for you. Consider these five reasons:

    1. Complete facilities and amenities

    A retirement village has a wide range of excellent facilities. From swimming pools to cafes and hair salons, you can have everything in one place. You’ll also have access to beautiful gardens and outdoor areas, often set around historic areas or scenic countryside grounds.

    Village Glen has a golf course, pool, spa, bowling and croquet green, and a cafe open daily for your needs.

    2. Have a house built for your needs

    Retirement villages are designed and built with your comfort and security in mind. If you’ve been having troubles getting around in your current home, a retirement village offers a great alternative. The villas at the Village Glen have been carefully planned, with special attention given to kitchens and bathrooms. If you visit Village Glen you will notice we have no steps, not one across the 120 acres of the Retirement Village, for convenience for our residents and ease of getting around.

    3. More freedom from routine home maintenance

    One of the biggest advantages of living in a retirement village is freedom from most of the usual home maintenance, repair works, and household chores. Most retirement villages have onsite professionals to help you with all your maintenance and gardening needs, for your round the clock convenience. Fewer chores means more time for activities you love—which we have plenty of.

    4. Belonging to a community

    Living in a retirement village offers plenty of opportunities for socialisation with like-minded people. Contrary to the notion that they’re dull and boring, people who live in retirement villages have a richer, more vibrant social life. You’ll get to meet new people, participate in events, and learn new skills or pick up a new hobby!

    5. Safety and security

    A retirement village is a safe and secure place to live. Retirement villages come with security feature like secure gates, cameras, sensor lighting, alarms, and have staff onsite 24 hours a day. This provides great peace of mind, whether you’re enjoying a book indoors or popping out for a visit to friends.

    Village Glen is a retirement village located in Capel Sound in the centre of the Mornington Peninsula. Our retirement village offers comfortable and affordable living for residents. With a range of self-contained villas and apartments to suit all tastes, 24/7 assistance, and every possible amenity. We have been the Peninsula’s premium retirement community for 40 years. For more information about retirement living, please contact us at 1300 VILL GLEN (1300 8455 4536).