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    Posted July 9, 2023

    More than Bricks and Mortar

    When you were growing up, did you ever have a neighbour pop in with a cake or slice? Did you ever go next door to borrow a cup of sugar? How many places have you lived in where you knew people’s names and said good morning? The Village Glen community takes many of our residents back to times that were a little simpler.  

    While bricks and mortar are the first thing you see when you enter the village, the community spirit is the impression that you will take home with you.

    Our values centre around the core belief that, put simply – we are here for you. Our staff are here to meet your needs and provide you with any help or reassurance you need. Our programs are designed to connect you with others with similar interests or similar backgrounds. 

    The wonderful thing about our community is that you can be involved as much or as little as you like. You might want to be involved in weekly activities, or you might prefer to meet with a group once a month. You might be more inclined to connect over dinner in our Palms dining room, or simply join the footy tipping competition. 

    There is something for everyone here at the Village Glen. Call us on (03) 5986 4455 to book a tour today.