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    Posted January 27, 2020

    When is the Right Time to Get Aged Care Services For Your Loved Ones?

    Many families begin considering aged care services for their elderly loved ones when they feel it’s in the best interest of their health and wellbeing. They ultimately want peace of mind that their loved ones will be given the best care available, and that they will enjoy an easy and comfortable retirement.

    Here are some signs that it’s the right time to get aged care services for your loved ones.

    Your loved one often gets into accidents.

    Whether it’s as simple as a fall or a stumble, if your elderly loved one is becoming more accident-prone, then they’re at risk of seriously injuring themselves and require close monitoring. This isn’t always feasible for families who have other responsibilities such as young children or their job. This is where aged care services can remove this burden from your shoulders and lessen your worries. 

    Your loved one is showing signs of forgetfulness.

    Forgetfulness comes with age. Forgetting tiny details might seem of little consequence, but not when it comes to important tasks such as taking medication. Your elderly loved one might forget to turn off a faucet, causing leaks or worse, a wet surface where they could easily slip and fall. They might forget to turn off the stove, which could lead to disastrous outcomes.

    If your elderly loved one’s forgetfulness is becoming a concern, then maybe it’s time to organise aged care services for them. They can benefit greatly from the regular attention given by aged care providers, and you can breathe a little easier; safe in the knowledge that they’re taken care of.

    Among other things, professional aged care providers will ensure your loved one takes their medication, on time and at the right dosage, as well as keep the environment safe for them.

    Your loved one is having trouble moving around the house.

    Your elderly loved one may be having aches and pains in their bones and muscles, making moving around the house a great effort for them. A walk to the front porch may cause immediate shortness of breath, for instance. Aged care service professionals can help take care of tasks around the house so your loved one doesn’t need to put undue stress on themselves. 

    Looking for trusted and reputable aged care homes?

    Whether you or an elderly family member is looking for aged care services and facilities, get in touch with Village Glen today to organise a tour. We hold to the belief that your elderly loved ones deserve to enjoy comfort, safety and security. This is a belief we put into practice each and every day, giving you peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the best care possible.

    Village Glen also offers options for retirement living on the Mornington Peninsula. For enquiries, please call us at 03 5986 4422 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.