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    Posted May 13, 2019

    How Can Home Care Benefit You?

    Home care is an excellent way to provide the necessary support to seniors or loved ones whilst also maintaining independence and the comfort of home. Home care services on the Mornington Peninsula allow you to enjoy the benefits of in-home care and help which specifically caters to your needs. Village Glen Flexicare’s excellent team of experienced and qualified professionals are readily available to provide you or your loved one with all the emotional, physical and mental support. More than anything else, Village Glen gives peace of mind that help is on hand when it is needed. Village Glen Flexicare offers both government-funded Home Care Packages and private services.

    What are some of the services of home care?

    Professional personal care

    Home care can really be tailored to the individual needs and wants of a person. Everyone is different and Flexicare appreciates that each client will require a different level of support. Personal care might involve assisting with dressing and showering, it can also extend to helping with the cleaning and housework.

    Maintenance and gardening

    After working hard your entire life, it might be time to let others assist with some of the more demanding tasks around the home. Flexicare Home Support can assist with both maintenance and gardening tasks in and around the home!

    Proper medication management

    As we age, we are more likely to be taking different medications that allow people to keep living the life they love, but can also be confusing to remember to take what medication when! The qualified Flexicare team can help ensure that the proper medication is taken at the right time of day.

    Social support

    Home care workers are able to build a special rapport with their clients which allows them to have meaningful interactions that foster trust and do wonders for their clients’ outlook and state of mind. Home care can be in the form of social activities such as accompanying their clients to the movies, reading, and it might even include taking the dog for a walk! Home care providers can also be relied on to transport clients to medical appointments or assist with grocery shopping.

    Peace of mind

    Having home care to assist with daily tasks can be comforting to you or a loved one especially if the family lives far away. A provider of Home Care can assess safety risks at home, such as a slippery patch on the floor or the absence of wheelchair ramp if necessary. They can then recommend simple corrections to improve the quality of life and give the support needed for day-to-day activities.

    Are you or a family member looking for home care services? Contact Village Glen today for a consultation or visit our website to see the full list of home care services we offer. Village Glen Flexicare Home Support covers the greater Mornington Peninsula region. For enquiries, please call us at 1300 VILL GLEN.